The mayan’s science and technology

 Hello, I want to tell you a bit about the Mayan’s science and Technology. The Mayan civilization used and created many pieces of technology including the calendar, chocolate, rubber, medicine, and math.


The first one I will share with you is the calendar. Back in the Mayan times they had more than one type of calendar. They had three calendars! On their calendars, there were some hieroglyphics that represented the date and the month. 


This is different to today because we don’t have three different calendars.


The second one is chocolate. Chocolate was first discovered by the Maya, who used it as a glue and sometimes food. The Maya didn’t use sugar and water, so the chocolate tasted bitter. Now, we add sugar and water so our chocolate tastes sweet.


Mayan advancements in technology tell us that they were very smart and independent.


We are able to learn about Mayan technology because we now have the internet.  The internet gets all this information from archaeologists. 

Beneath this, there is a picture of a Mayan chocolate mug.

mayan chocolate mug

2 thoughts on “The mayan’s science and technology

  1. Hi Meadow,

    I liked learning about the Mayan civilization on your blog post. It is incredible how many important things they invented. You should tell Morah Ada about the Mayan creating chocolate. She loves chocolate! Did you love learning about the Mayan civilization?

    I look forward to reading more posts 🙂
    Mrs. Bennett

  2. i realy like learning about the mayan civalization. also, if mora ada was born in the mayan times, she might not have liked chocolate. the mayan chocolate was not sweet it was very sour. if i was born in the mayan times, i would not have liked chocolate.

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