Innovation day 2024!

Hello there everyone! As you may know, here at OJCS, we recently had innovation day! It took a lot of time, and everyone put in so much hard work.


Before we started building the projects, I was pretty excited. I was excited about building the project in real life, so I was pretty sad when I found out that they were supposed to be in VR. During the building period, everything was a little bit stressful. 


During this time, me and Jeremy did many things outside of school, including interviewing a zookeeper, and more. While making the trifold poster, we added shiny green paper around some headings to make the project shiny and more fancy. 


Jeremy was eventually able to make a wooden version of our project to bring in and show our parents/judges.  we also showed our poster and our co spaces which took a lot of coding to create.  Our co-spaces featured a painted turtle named Luminique, looking for a safe place to lay her eggs.


In the end, all our work paid off, as we managed to win second place for our class.  Overall, it was a little bit stressful, but i think it was worth it.


a picture from our co spaces:


smart goal setting

Here are some of my goals. I will try to complete them all in two years.  Most of these goals if completed, will help me alot in the future. It is very importand to me and I know I will be able to achive them if I put in the right time and effort.

I will know I achived my goals when watever im doing comes easy.


My S.M.A.R.T. goal is… Two practical steps I can take to achieve this goal are…
I want to take a picture from the top of the tallest tree i can find
  • Find a really tall tree
  • Learn how to take proper pictures
I want to get a 100% on a math test.
  • Study harder
  • Practice more
  • Work on extra practice
Get better at soccer in gym class
  • Lots of practice
  • Trying harder 
Become fluent in sign language
  •  Practice on my spare time


Setting goals is very important beacuse it lets you have somthing to work for each day. It also feels really good when you complete them. Wish me luck in achiving my goals!!!

the iroquois

Recently in Social Studies class we did a project on Indigenous communities. We were put in groups and given one to research. My group researched the Iroquois community. Here are a few  interesting facts about them:

  1. The Iroquois lived in houses called longhouses
  2. Up to 60 people could live in one longhouse
  3. The iroquois had different roles depending on the gender.
  4. A little over 100 iroquois people live in quebec 
  5. Mohawk is an iroquois language still spoken today.
  6. The iroquois had different clans. 
  7.  The Iroquois had a war where different clans allied with the British or french.
  8. More than 200 people can live in an iroquois village.
  9. There was a trail that connected the five nations called the Iroquois trail. 
  10. The iroquois great council still meets today


 Anyways, Thank you for reading. I hope you learned some interesting new facts about the iroquois!

First Term in Social Studies

In Social Studies this year I learned about humanitarian aid societies and what they do to help the world be a better place. I also learned about why the beaver is a national symbol of Canada. We focused on learning about Canadian identity and diversity. 

 Diversity means appreciating differences. We watched a documentary about Canada. I learned that every province is different. Each province has unique landscapes and a variety of people. I even made a project about Nova Scotia. Here are some fun facts about it: English is the main language in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is the best place to find sea glass starfish and jellies. 

When you think of Canada, what symbol comes to mind? I think of the beaver. The beavers are strong and durable. They are smart and know how to make homes for their family. They were chosen as a symbol of Canada because they are very strong creatures that originated in Canada.  

For my humanitarian aid project, I did Care Canada. Care Canada is an organization that helps women in need. My partner and I made a brochure on the organization.  International aid organizations are important because they help the world be a better place and they raise awareness for people or animals in need.

Care Canada

What’s the matter project

For class, I did a project called what’s the matter in our world. The goal was to choose a sort of world problem and I chose plastic pollution. I made a podcast with my awesome sister about my topic. I will put the links below: (the first link for part one does not work)

part 1 plastic polution

part 2 plastic polution

In this lesson I learned a lot about plastic pollution and how it harms everyone. Plastic pollution is a very serious matter.

What surprised me most about this is that the plastic also harms human health.

This was a super fun project and I really enjoyed it. It was so much fun to record with my sister! in the future, I hope that plastic pollution stops. But until then, everyone can help by recycling!

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Wonder Choice Board

For class, we were reading the book Wonder about a kid with a facial  problems named August. For homework we were told to do some things related to the book. I made a school on a fun game I play.  I made a few dorms, a chem lab, a small school farm, and more! The book is about inclusion so I made the world public so others could see what I created! Here are some photos:

Interactions of Indigenous peoples and europeans

In social studies we are learning about indigenous peoples. In class we did a project where we made a type of indigenouse house. I chose a longhouse! Here  is my project:

  We also learned about the three sisters. The three sisters are a group of vegetables. Corn, beans, and squash. The corn stalks supported the bean vines, while the low lying squash kept the ground moist and stopped weeds from growing.

my sister is a robot a short story by meadow

  Chapter 1 

My sister is a robot. I can tell. Why else would she need all those robot parts? 

Sometimes I hear her say:oh! I need to charge! Also she always wins computer games. I always lose. IT’S NOT FAIR! Whenever I try to spy on my sister I trip or pull something by accident, which sets off an alarm. It always ends in me getting punished. I try explaining this to my mom and dad but they won’t listen. So I decided to make a plan. A flawless plan that will expose my sister as her true robot self!  


                                             Chapter 2 

Everything is in place. I am feeling great and ready to go! I am so excited to show my parents that I was right all along! My sister doesn’t suspect a thing. Oh! I check my watch, it’s go time! 

First, I carefully sneak over to my sister’s room. Now I stand in the doorway with a big grin on my face. Suddenly I hear a noise! Bring bring bring! My sister turns around and stares me straight in the eyes. Uh oh. I didn’t plan for this! I dash toward the bathroom and my sister follows me. But then right there in the bathroom sink is the bucket of water I filled last night! I speed up and grab the bucket. Splash! Yes! I say  a bit too loudly. My sister is really soaking and mad.then she takes off her wet sweatshirt. My eyes widened. Mom dad I called out desperately. She’s a robot! She’s a robot! Soon I heard the sound of feet coming up the stairs. Mom dad look! I called out when they were  fully up the stairs. Honey,those are your sister’s new robot pj’s my mom said. My sister grunted and went back to her room.



                                          Chapter 3 

Later I went into my sister’s room. This time I didn’t activate any alarms. Sorry, I say in a really quiet voice. My sister turns and hugs me, sorry she says to. I think i deserved to get a sorry i say out loud. My sister gives me that sister look that no one in the world can stand. Fine i say.

 I still think she’s a robot. But I will make an exception only this once. 

                                            THE END